Update BlueZΒΆ

BlueZ is the program that is used by a Raspberry Pi to communicate with Bluetooth devices. RPi-SmartGadget has been tested with versions 5.43, 5.44, 5.47, 5.50, 5.52 and 5.54. Other versions may work as well.

A script is included with RPi-SmartGadget that will update the version of BlueZ. Since the RPi-SmartGadget package is installed in a virtual environment called shtenv on the Raspberry Pi we must first activate the virtual environment

From the home directory run

source shtenv/bin/activate

and then execute


This will update BlueZ to version 5.54 (the latest version at the time of writing the bluez-update script). To install a specific version of BlueZ (e.g., version 5.47) run

bluez-update 5.47